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Accelera Tyres

For Great Performance and Safe Driving Experience Choose Accelera

Accelera is known for high quality vehicle tyres and best in class performance in the automotive industry. The aim of the Accelera Company is to offer world class tyres that has maximum safety features. By choosing Accelera tyres you can avail strong grip, smooth ride and safe driving experience.

The technology used by the Accelera tyres is DeltaMax which is a strong combination of silica compound that enables impeccable on road grip and matchless performance. It has been designed to provide optimum support for long drives without increasing the car tire noise and emission of car dioxide. It is a perfect package of safety, performance and durability for the drivers as well as passengers.

Stop&Go is a leading provider of Accelera tyres at lowest price in Dubai and UAE region.

Stop&Go brings a wide range of brands to single platform from where customers can choose their choice of tyres. We have identified the world class brands for you to serve at the local market. These world class products are manufactured at different places and getting them shipped to your door step by yourselves can be a difficult work. However, Stop&Go has tied up with these brands so that our local customers can leverage the benefit of the brands and best quality products.

The best thing about Stop&Go is you can get the branded tyres at the most cost effective rates. We in fact recommend you to check the prices of the same tire brand across Dubai and UAE, and we assure that our price will be on the cheaper side. Moreover, we have also tied up with several car tire service centers by which the tire will not only be delivered at the door step but it can be fitted as well.

For quick car tire installation services or branded Accelera tyres at cheap rates in Dubai, call us at 04 228 8136

We understand that how difficult it is to get the desired brand of tyres for your costly vehicle. In order to cater the exact needs of our customers in Duabi and UAE region, we keep upgrading our list of brands with the latest in the market. If you are unable to find the desired brand on our site then keep us posted, our team will soon contact the manufacturer and make the necessary arrangements for you. For more information you can call us at 04 228 8136.