Road trips are very exciting. There are places to see, roads to drive, and memories to make. However, road trips are like marathon races for your car, which means that you should prepare for them accordingly.

If you are going on a road trip soon, you should not let car trouble ruin it. Performing a couple of important car maintenance tasks can assure you that your vehicle is as ready for adventure as you are.

Below, we are listing some of the best ways to get your car ready for a road trip.

1.Check the battery

Checking your car’s battery should be among the first things to do. It will ensure that the connection is tight and free of any corrosion. If there is any (corrosion), you will need to disconnect your battery and clean the connectors with a wire brush. As you know, car batteries contain corrosive acid that may leak if the connectors are forced off, so this might also be something that you can leave to a professional. 

2.Inspect the belts and hoses

Next up on the list are the belts and hoses, which are critical components that keep your car’s electrical, power steering and cooling systems. These elements ensure that your car functions properly, which is why they are also worth inspecting before a road trip.

The belts should be tightly installed – make sure if yours are secure and without a large amount of slack. All hoses should be also inspected, mainly for any leaks or drips which may turn even more problematic at a later point.

3.Top off fluids and replace its filters

Fluids are what keep both us and our vehicles alive. From engine oil to power steering and transmission fluids, there are plenty of important liquid substances that need to match the recommended manufacturer levels.

Even the windshield washer fluid is worth checking, especially if you are planning to go to the desert. You should also check the coolant levels and make sure that everything is kept tidy in the liquid tanks.

4.Inspect its lights and electrical equipment

All of your interior and exterior lights should be working properly before a road trip. Start inspecting them, starting from your headlights and taillights up to your fog and interior lights. Make sure that your brake lights also work. If there is something that is not working, make sure to replace the bulbs or take your car at the nearest service technician.

5.Check the brakes

If you notice any squealing noises coming from your brakes, it may be an indicator for worn out brake pads. Your car’s brakes are probably what is making the sound (or any other odd noise), which is why they deserve to be professionally inspected before you hit the road.

If the brake pedal feels spongy when you press it, you should also consider a potential low level of brake fluids. So, verify the level of the fluid before checking the others, and top it off, if needed.

6.Do not forget the tyres

As you know, tyres are crucial to the performance of your car, and your safety, too. They are also essential to the overall fuel economy and need to be in their best shape. Checking your tyre pressure before the departure can help you make sure that each tyre is properly inflated. A common oversight for drivers is the spare tyre – just like the ones on your wheels, your spare tyre deserves to be checked for tyre pressure. If you need a new set of tyres, visit our shop to see some of the bestselling models.

7.Tidy up

Cleaning your vehicle interior is super important before a road trip. Since you are going to be stuck in the car for a long time, you should make sure it ispleasant to be there. When cleaning, pay close attention to the areas you frequently come in contact with (seats, handles, floor mats, storage compartments, trunk and the dashboard controls). Besides your interior, make sure the exterior is also clean before you leave.

Ready for your road trip?

If you have successfully gone through the checklist from above, we can say you are ready for your road trip. But if you don’t have the time or don’t know how to inspect, check and make sure that everything is working well, we recommend leaving your vehicle to a professional.

At Stop&Go, we are your one-stop destination for all of your vehicle repair and service needs. Book your appointment by calling us at 800 7867 46 – and we will make sure your car is in top condition before your road trip adventure begins.