Your transmission is a vital part of the engine, and an integral part of your vehicle. It is essentially a system that delivers power to your vehicle’s wheels, helping it start and accelerate further. 

The good thing about automatic transmission maintenance is that it is simple and relatively inexpensive. However, a total transmission rebuild is an expensive service. This is why you need to learn more about automatic transmission and how to treat it with care.

In most cases, an automatic transmission lasts from 300,000 kilometers to 450,000 kilometers. Car manufacturers claim that during this time, the transmission does not require a fluid change (unless there are any leaks). However, in practice, many automatic cars show problems after they have done around 150,000 kilometers, and frequent transmission service helps prevent these problems.

How To Properly Maintain Your Automatic Transmission?

The best way to take care of your automatic transmission is scheduling regular maintenance in your local car service station in Dubai or any other place. In between your transmission services, you should always be aware of the level of transmission fluid that is in the car.

Running low on transmission fluids may harm your transmission. In such cases, the system won’t be properly lubricated, but there will be no indication that the fluid is running low. That is why checking your levels regularly is important so that you are sure there are no leaks. If that already happened, however, don’t wait for longer and book your automatic transmission repair.

How To Know If Your Automatic Transmission Is Due For Service?

Transmission problems occur rarely, but when they do, the vehicle starts behaving strangely. One of the first symptoms of transmission problems comes with the gear shift, which becomes less smooth. In other cases, the engine revs higher and the car doesn’t move forward.

If not serviced on time, these problems can become serious points of concern. When they are very acute, they usually mean that your automatic transmission is at total fault and needs replacement. Again, scheduling regular service appointments for maintenance can save you from these huge costs, and help you prevent problems with your transmission.

Servicing An Automatic Transmission

If you never had a transmission service performed by a licensed expert before, you are at risk of contamination. In many cases, automatic transmissions get contaminated with metal shavings as well as other particles, and require constant lubrication to avoid issues.

Changing the transmission fluid helps in many cases, especially when the performance of the vehicle is lost and there are some symptoms of faulty transmission. There are no guarantees about whether topping up the fluids will help, but this service often works and is an inexpensive way to fix the issue.

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