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We all know how crucial is the AC on our day-to-day in UAE. Our professional technicians are certified to diagnose and repair the components in your vehicle’s AC system.

Air conditioning condensation is often mistaken for a fluid leak. These are great news since the problem you thought you might have isn’t actually a problem! If you believe the leak you see is more significant than condensation, our team will check and provide the solutions to get it fixed.

Imaging yourself driving a car without AC in the sweltering summer of Dubai and struggling to reach at a long destination. Experiencing such a situation is much more dreadful that it sounds. Poorly performing AC is not only uncomfortable to drive but harmful for the travelers. Any kind of leakage or improper service can lead to such conditions. We always recommend our customers to ensure that there is no chugging in the Car AC vent or heating system so they can get comfortable driving experience. Ignoring the non-performance of Car AC or servicing of the vent can lead to expensive repairs.

Stop & Go is one of the leading and professional Car AC Repair and Servicing outlet in the heart of Dubai at Jumeirah. We offer a wide range of AC servicing and repair services including maintenance and new fittings. Trusted by several customers in Dubai, we offer a one stop shop solution for all types and makes of vehicle AC servicing. All our services are provided by certified technicians and the latest infrastructure used by us offer best in class quality results. We only use genuine parts so that our customers can enjoy best performance of the quality product.

Our range of AC Repair and Servicing includes:

  • Air Condition Performance Diagnostic
  • Refrigerant Leakage Checkup
  • Air Conditioning Fitting Check
  • Air Condition Gas Inspection & Refill
  • Air Condition Compressor Repair & Installation
  • Air Condition Maintenance Recheck
  • Air Condition Accessories Repair

In addition, there are many other services that Stop & Go offers for general Car repair and Servicing. If you wish to book our services or appointment with us then contact us at 04-228-8136 or customercare@stopandgouae.com. We will be happy to assist you. We assure that the quality of service that we offer is simply matchless.

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