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The air filter is a kind of dry paper or foam based air filter that is placed inside the air box on either side of the engine which helps in removing the dirt, debris or other dust particles from entering the interiors of the car and providing you a fresh air inside the car. Moreover, just imagine yourself driving a car without AC and dump smell around the interior. It is much more pathetic to experience than actually sounds. Servicing the air filter of the vehicle needs expertise and years of experience which is available with Stop&Go technicians.

Our technicians are well versed all types, makes and models of vehicle air filters and servicing. We have well trained staff, certified technicians and mechanics who can provide you complete check-up of the car. We have advance equipment and years of expertise in repairing, maintaining and servicing different types of air filters. Air filters also come with limited time span and if it needs replacement or not, it can be decided by only those who have strong knowledge and experience.

If you are not aware of the technicalities of the air filters then you can check for the below signs:

  • Reduction in the fuel economy
  • Performance of the engine performance is drastically reduced
  • Engine running rough

Our technicians will check the car engine, ensure the air filter is properly fit, whether it needs any repair or replaced, and use branded air filter parts to give you the best driving experience. All our customers trust us because of the high quality customer service and best in class products that we use. We test the vehicle serviced by our technicians and it goes through a complete quality check.

For more information regarding air filter repairing services, please contact us at: 04-228-8136

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