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Every car needs battery replacement from time to time, but a battery can be the most important and essential car component, in addition to the car engine. In fact, it's the battery that actually brings te car and motor to life. Without the right power of a battery, your car will not be able to run at the speed you need nor play the required electronic items that you want. Remember to take care of the your car battery, just like other important components. For the best in class car battery service in Dubai, visit your nearest Stop & Go store and get immediate assistance.

Stop & Go is one of the leading car battery replacement providers in Dubai, with highly experienced and skilled resources to provide you with all kinds of car battery maintenance services you need.

With just one quick diagnostic at our Stop&Go service center, you will get a complete picture of your battery health. We can help you understand the life of your battery and what maintenance steps you need to take. In case you need car battery replacement or repair existing, our team will provide complete support. We sell all top branded car batteries that are highly resilient and long-lasting. We have batteries for all types of car models and makes.

By choosing Stop & Go, you get a reliable service and high quality customer service. We have several branches in Dubai by which you can choose the nearest outlet of your choice. Our main goal is to provide best in class services at the cost efficient rates.

For more information regarding our car battery services, please reach us at: 04-228-8136

Car Battery Service Packages

1. Stop & Go Professional Car Battery Installation Service

It is critical for your car battery and related electrical components to operate flawlessly. Without them, your car won’t function. Stop & Go’s car battery installation service is performed by technicians trained on how to service complex starting and charging systems.


  • Removal and disposal of old car battery
  • Inspection of the car battery tray and cable terminal ends
  • Complete starting and charging system evaluation
  • Installation of your choice of one of the following car batteries
    • Energizer car batteries – Starting from AED 350
    • Bosch car batteries – Starting from AED 500
    • Bosch AGM car batteries – Starting from AED 800

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2. Stop & Go Car Battery Protection Service – Starting from AED 100

Extreme temperatures in either direction can lead to corrosion on its terminals. Car battery protection service helps keep your newly installed car battery corrosion-free throughout every season.


  • Chemical cleaning of car battery cable terminal ends and battery tray
  • Installation of acid-neutralizing felt terminal post washers
  • Application of anti-corrosion sealant to car battery terminals

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How to Test a Car Battery

Do you remember when you last had your battery serviced? If it's been a while, or it has been a rough season for your battery, now is the time to test it yourself or bring your car into Stop & Go for a free battery test.

Find the Best Battery for Your Car

When your car battery dies, your vehicle will no longer run - potentially leaving you stranded. Learn how to buy the best battery for your car today.
There is no sensation quite like that sinking feeling you get when you put your key into your vehicle's ignition, turn it, and nothing happens. You try it once, try it again, try it a third time, and then it hits you: your battery is dead. Indeed, it is one of the worst feelings in the world. This situation can be avoided. Just keep your eyes and ears open for the following warning signs.

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Six Car Battery Warning Signs:
1. Slow Engine Crank

It takes a lot of power to get your car started, and all that power is produced solely by the battery. Once the car is started, the alternator keeps the car battery going by replacing the power used to start the engine and run your vehicle's electronic accessories. When you put the key in your car's ignition and turn it, the battery alone starts the engine. So if the battery is on its last legs, you may notice that the engine cranks more slowly than usual. It's important that you pick up on that warning sign, as often, you'll only get one shot at a slow start before the engine refuses to crank again. If the engine does not crank at all, the vehicle will often just make a rapid clicking sound, signalling the available power is too low to crank the engine. Have the battery tested at once and replaced if needed.

2. Issues with electrical components

In addition to powering the engine, the car battery also needs to produce enough juice to run all the various electronic components in your vehicle. In most modern cars, there are many electronic accessories including power windows, power seats, radio, windshield wipers, dashboard lights, headlights and more. All of which require electricity supplied from your vehicle's battery.

3. Dashboard Warning Light

Most cars have a dashboard warning light, usually in the shape of a battery. This will illuminate if the battery is not being replenished properly or if there is an internal problem with the battery. Similar to the Check Engine light, the battery warning light might also mean that something is wrong with the alternator or some other part of the electrical system. If the light comes on, the best course of action would be to have your vehicle's electrical system inspected by a certified professional to determine what exactly the problem is.

4. Swollen Battery Case

A car battery is basically a chemical reaction contained in a box. As with any chemical reaction, sometimes things can go wrong. When a car battery is exposed to excessive amounts of heat or cold, the flat sides of the battery case may swell or bulge. If for example the battery sits in a vehicle that is not driven for some time in the winter, the battery will discharge and may freeze. Freezing and swelling from excess heat often result in an electrically 'dead' battery that cannot be recovered and will require replacement.

5. Old Age

On average, a car battery lasts about one to two years. This average lifespan will fluctuate depending on extreme temperature exposure, number of deep discharges and whether or not it goes through full charge cycles. That being said, two years is how much life most batteries have so once you hit the 2-year mark, it might not be a bad idea to get it tested by a professional to see how much life it has left. If you are not sure how old the battery is, you should be able to find the manufacture date on the battery case.

6. Weird Smell

When a battery has been frozen, overcharged or is shorted internally its case may vent gas. This venting often smells like rotten eggs. If you happen to detect a rotten egg scent under the hood of your vehicle, have your battery inspected as soon as possible because in addition to possibly needing a replacement battery, the sulfuric acid can eat away at other engine parts, causing corrosion, which is something you want to avoid at all costs.