Flat Tire Repair

Tires are the only thing that comes in direct contact with the road while driving your car. If the tires are not properly aligned or maintained systematically then it can cause the physical damage to the outer layer which can ultimately lead to flat tire. If you are on a long drive and suddenly if the car tire goes flat then it can be frustrating as well as difficult situation to handle. It is always recommended to check the life of your car tire and keep it serviced just like other car parts.

There are many reasons of car tire getting flat like rash driving, bumpy roads, old tires or even punctures or cracks in tires. If you find some kind of bulging or worn-out part hanging out of the tire then it is time for the car tire to be replaced or repaired immediately. If you happen to drive on a road full of stones or debris then there are higher chances of flat tire. For a reliable and cost effective check-up of your car tires, choose your nearest StopnGo store in Dubai.

Our experienced car technicians will thoroughly check all the tires after dismounting it and ensure that there are no blisters or bulging including the cuts and cracks. By choosing our services, our technicians will ensure that the tires are repaired, punctures are set and any further damage that can occur can be prevented. However, it also depends on proper maintenance and car driving methods to save the tire.

We provide all kinds of latest brand car tires, car tire repairing services and car tire maintenance services. You can book your appointment any time and our team of experts will inspect completely. We always suggest our customers to choose the branded tires only so that the life of the car tires much more than the cheap ones.

The Stop&Go Flat Tyre Repair Service includes:

  • Complete internal & external inspection of damaged tire(s) to determine if repairable
  • Safe, reliable repair from inside tire
  • Rebalancing of wheel
  • Tire pressure check & adjust and treadwear evaluation of all tires
  • Courtesy Vehicle Inspection

Standard Price: AED 100

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