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Kenda Tyres

Brand That Has Been Catering the Automotive Industry Since 1962

Any brand be it in automotive or any other industry is known by the solid track record. The record speaks for its merits and credits. Kenda tyres is a company that has been serving the automotive customers since 1962 and it has several merits achieved in its bag. If you are looking for solid brand that can keep your vehicle stable even while you are driving on rough terrain and offers utmost performance then Kenda tyres is what you should choose for.

The Taiwan based multinational company manufactures wide range of tyres and rubber products for different types of vehicles including automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, and Golf carts. The technology used by Kenda tyres is unique and advanced by which the results is superior than the others in the market. It makes the product more durable, reliable and innovative for vehicle owners.

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By choosing Stop&Go you not only gain access to best brands of tyres but also experienced staff which can help you in getting superior class of vehicle servicing. Whether your vehicle needs engine diagnosis, tyre installation, engine oil change, AC repairing, brake servicing or complete servicing of the car or any other vehicle, welcome to Stop&Go. Our team is ready to assist you with all types of queries and support related to your vehicle.

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The portal is simple to access and place order. Just select the brand name, define the size and make payment to order. Our team will assist you with the delivery date and installation services at your home or office. If you need any additional information regarding our brands, service or products, call us at 04-228-8136 or customercare@stopandgouae.com.