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Roadstone Tyres

Roadstone Tyres – Brand That Has Comfort, Control and Performance To Provide Ultimate Experience

Roadstone tyres company is a subsidiary of Nexen tyre company based out of Korea. Among the top three tyre brands in South Korea, Nexen is one of the major player catering to the global automotive industry. The brand offers a wide range of budget products for the customers in European and Arabian markets. The brand has evolved as one of the leading player in the global market by securing some of the major projects with the large automobile players for original equipment supplier. Roadstone is the fastest growing tyre manufacturing company that is supplied by the global brand Nexen. In order to expand its reach and customer base speedily the company is offering high quality tyres at cost-effective rates in several regions. There are different types, sizes and variants of tyres of Roadstone.

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Based out of Dubai and catering to customers since several years, we want our customers to enjoy the high quality tyre products and least cost rates. We bring the global brands to your doorstep by partnering with them. Instead of dealing with multiple vendors for tyres, installation, car servicing, break repairing, AC repairing, etc., you can get all in one shop solution at Stop&Go. We have a team of expert technicians and mechanics to assist you with tyre installation, wheel balancing and various other queries related to your vehicle.

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Stop&Go offers a pool of professional technicians and mechanics for all your repairing and vehicle accessory fitting. We also provide branded tyres partnering with all major brands across the world. We act as the major bridge between the customers in Dubai and tyre manufacturers in the world. The enables our Dubai customers to choose the tyre of their choice at best rates than the market. In addition, they can also get additional services from the same platform instead of dealing with multiple vendors.

One stop shop solution at Stop&Go enables Dubai customers to get Roadstone tyres

Using our online portal is simple and easy. All you need to do is select the tyre brand, select the size of the tyre and enter the details of vehicle for which you want to purchase. Complete the transactions by making the payment and your product will be delivered at your doorstep. For more information you can contact us at04-228-8136 or customercare@stopandgouae.com. We will be happy to serve you. For best results of your vehicle choose the best brands from Stop&Go.