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About Stop & GO Car Garage

Stop&Go is a unique car maintenance and repair garage with multiple locations in Dubai. We pride ourselves in having a team of professionally trained staff that have a true passion in working in the automotive industry. We are customer oriented and look at every car from the owners perspective. Our concerns for safety, costs, transparency and loyalty make us an ideal and dependable everyday car garage for any individual or organisation.


The Alves Bandeira Group has more than 50 years of experience in the retail sector of fuel, tyres and parts in Portugal. Its core business is the petrol stations, with currently over 150 stations spread throughout Portugal. The group exports tyres and lubricants to the most diverse countries in the international market. The group owns AB lubricants which is being distributed both in the local Portuguese and international market.

In 2012 a branch was established in the UAE, as part of the Groups strategy to strengthen their position in the African and Asian markets. Although entirely dedicated to export, the daily exposure to the local market from a consumers perspective was unavoidable. It became apparent that the UAE’s automotive aftermarket and service sector was in need of quality workmanship and consumer trust. The ambition to solve this problem for the consumer gave origin to the Stop&Go ideal in 2016.

The Stop&Go pursuit to provide the consumer with a transparent solution in the auto service and repair market gained form and the first location was opened in the Jumeirah area in Dubai in 2017. A one-stop-shop for all car maintenance needs in a premium facility with the highest standards of quality, the latest equipment and experienced technicians trained and regularly overseen by European technicians.

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