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Whether you are using an automatic car or manual car, all the cars in the market depend on the clutch and transmission mechanism which results in the smooth performance of the car. Any fault in the vehicle clutch or transmission system will affect the gearbox, speed of the vehicle and power of the engine. There are many car service centers in Dubai but choosing the right set of team for multi-point inspection is important.

Stopngo is one of the most trusted and well-known transmission and clutch repair service provider in Dubai. We have advance equipment, experienced technicians and expertise in repairing all types, makes and model of vehicle clutches & transmission. Our technicians ensure that the car is completely checked and repaired with guarantee so that your driving experience smooth & cozy. Yours and your family’s safety is of utmost importance to us so we ensure that the parts that are used in repairing your car are genuine and branded.

Experience and expertise is what needed when it comes to repair the heavy vehicle transmission system and that is what you get with Stop&Go. If you are certain there is some transmission and clutch fault in your car then you verify from below list and choose to inform our technicians. Here are some of the common signs of clutch and transmission faultiness:

  • Noticeable reduction in the speed of the vehicle
  • Slipping clutch pad and difficulty in changing gear
  • Difficulty in pulling the loaded vehicle
  • Refill with fresh, clean fluid.
  • Burning smell from the hood

These are common faults which occurs in the extreme conditions, we recommend that if you experience any of these then immediately contact our center. For more information, reach us at 04-228-8136.

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