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Voice controlled cars are available in the market but still majority of cars in the current market are power steering and normal steering based cars. Steering and suspension of the car and attached so closely that if there is some fault with the steering it can affect the suspension and vice versa. Ultimately the shock absorbers are the main reason because of which you get a smooth & cozy experience in your car even if the roads are bumpy.

In case if you are experiencing any kind of bumpiness, improper alignment with the car wheels, car wandering to one side (right/left) or firmness is missing while driving then it is time to consult experienced and expert technicians at Stop&Go car service center. There are chances that the steering alignment is damaged. The damage can be caused by fast driving, improper maintenance, accident, or even firmness due to weather.

At Stop&Go we have well trained staff, advance equipment and decade of experience to provide you the accurate diagnosis of the car, genuine parts and high quality customer service at cost effective rates. Our team of technicians will ensure the complete balance, stability and perfect smoothness of your car ride. Car’s safety and engine quality is of highest priority for our staff.

Our professionals will inspect the entire parts of the suspension, steering and other attachments related to that segment. Only in the case of complete worn out of parts, our technicians will suggest you to replace the part. If you are experiencing any kind of discomfort while driving your car as mentioned below then contact our service station immediately. Commonly occurring steering and suspension problems are:

  • Noise when driving over bumps
  • Vehicle bouncing
  • Hard turning
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Wandering wheels

The first step in solving your steering and suspension problem is diagnosing your vehicle. During a Complete Vehicle Inspection, our tire and auto service professionals will inspect all major systems in your car, including the steering and suspension.

For more information regarding our steering and suspension services, please contact us at: 04-228-8136

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