If you are looking for a hybrid car service in Dubai, you are on the right page. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss some of the things that make servicing hybrid cars different compared to standard petrol ones.

The truth is, we have seen a lot of hybrid cars on the roads lately, as the automotive industry went on to embrace alternative technologies. As fuel-efficient cars, hybrids are are great. However,  they also came with a certain set of challenges – one of them being the difficulty for people to understand how to service their hybrid cars.

The main difference with a hybrid car service: electronics

Hybrid cars use both a petrol engine alongside an electric motor. This is actually the main difference – the electric motor plays a crucial role in reducing emissions but is still known as sensitive electronics. Moreover, electric motors require a special level of care and attention to maintain the performance and economy that you would expect from a hybrid car. The maintenance is far more complex than anything in traditional cars, which is why you need a licensed Dubai car mechanic for your hybrid.

General maintenance for hybrid vehicles

However, the good news is that for general service and maintenance, hybrid cars differ very little from ones with traditional petrol engines. The hybrid’s battery air filter is the only thing that needs additional maintenance (in some models).

Hybrid cars still need regular oil changes, belt replacements, as well as tyre alignment and wheel balancing. One benefit, however, is that the brake pads generally do not require as frequent service as those on regular cars, which may save you money on brakes in the long run.

The main concern with hybrid car service

The main concern for many hybrid vehicle owners is the battery. As you know, battery replacements can be very expensive. Despite the fact that hybrid vehicle models come with warranties (on average, up to 8 years or 100,000 kilometers), battery replacements after that won’t likely be covered by the manufacturer. On the flip side, the major cost savings on fuel are definitely one of the main reasons why people are considering this specific type of vehicles.

General tips on how to care for your hybrid vehicle

  • Schedule regular maintenance checks and have the vehicle serviced by a qualified technician.
  • Make sure you understand all of the signals that appear or might appear on your dashboard.
  • Do not touch the wires of your hybrid car unless you know what you are doing. The wiring system is connected to the engine compartment, and a wrong move could make things worse, leaving you for major repair.
  • Some hybrids may require low rolling resistance tyres.
  • Too much heavy weight in your cargo can cause a decrease in your fuel economy.

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