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Car can performance at its best only when all its parts, especially engine which is considered as the heart of the car body, works properly. Any issues with the car engine is like a human body with defective heart which will ultimately deteriorate the overall performance of the car. If you are planning to purchase a 2nd hand car or facing any issues with your existing car then we recommend you to visit our Stop&Go store and consult with certified specialists to get the accurate health checkup of the car.

Our team of car specialists and technicians have years of experience and knowledge of each & every model, make and type. Our team can assist you in choosing the right model of car with best in class car. Stop&Go offers you the perfect car purchase experience. There are different types of car engines and several things have to be inspected at the time of checking the car. It is a matter of experience and knowledge that is needed while certifying a car for purchase.

There are certain cars which come with the engine correction light which indicates there is some with your car engine. However, this is just an indicator and does not highlight where exactly the issue is. The only and proper way of identifying the deep issue inside the car engine is through consulting the certified mechanic. At Stop&Go we have certified mechanic, technicians and assistants for each and every component.

Your car can also be diagnosed using an automated software which will run through the entire mechanical, electronic and electrical systems of your car. If you are not aware of the car body and its systems then it is recommended to consult experienced technical specialist for the repair. Moreover, if you find any kind of fault with the car battery then we recommend to use the safety gears before unhooking or inserting the battery in the cabinet. By choosing our Stop&Go car repair services you can get advanced diagnostic systems, trained technicians access and decades of expertise.

For more information regarding Engine Diagnostics Services, please reach us at: 04-228-8136

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